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You gain access to all of the research material, Reading Room, our member forum and our regular conference calls. You have access to all court documents, strategies and theories.                                                                                         $1.99

Why do we charge for membership? Although the membership fee is minimal it is vital part of our security.  1) Bots and trolls have no bank accounts nor Paypal with which to become a member. Your bank, or Paypal is a third party confirmation of your legitimacy. 2) As a private membership we have a membership agreement that protects the privacy of the site and its membership. Each member is required to agree to the terms and conditions of membership.


In addition to all of the benefits of the Silver & Bronze levels the Gold Membership provides you access to Legal-Registry and its document preparation and recording services. Legal Registry can create all of the documents necessary to complete the accept and surrender process to perfect the title on your divine estate to facilitate its surrender in fulfillment of Christ’s New Covenant. You will receive you own private business trust and access to our Private Asset Control System (PAC System) for the perfection of title thereby removing yourself from the Public. Legal Registry provides you the Notice of Claim Document Package which contains everything necessary to fulfill the conditions precedent to gain STANDING as the priority claimant in accordance with TWEA. Legal Registry also provides you the necessary surrender documents and appropriate notices to complete the transition to one of the private people and an IPP, Internationally Protected Person under the Geneva Convention and the laws of war and occupation.                                     $500   


The Platinum membership gives you everything included in the Gold membership with unlimited access of our PAC System for use in the perfection of title on gifts such as new autos, home deeds, court actions and bills.                                                                                   $800

Please take note:   At present there is an additional fee for editing and entering your images into the system. We expect to offer you full access to our ‘image editor’  in the very near future.

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oge_SILVER $1.99 now. Select

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Selections resulting in membership downgrade are not reversible without “re-purchasing” membership upgrade.

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