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Who are we and what are we about?

We are not about religion although we believe that our current reality has its basis in the Bible. We know that the Bible states that our Creator gave us dominion over the earth and everything in it, on it and above it, yet expressly retained ownership over it.

We provide the evidence that the Vatican is the One World Government who has held the keys to the kingdom and legal title to the divine estate. We further provide you documentary evidence that the keys to the kingdom and legal title to the divine estate have been successfully conveyed from the Vatican and is now held in trust for the Beneficial Owners by One Global Estate Private Trust. is a private membership site established as a gathering place for the Beneficial Owners in Original Jurisdiction. WE do not harp on what is wrong as we understand and live by the Law of Attraction. We believe that this game called life on earth is in transition. For eons we have learned our soul lessons through separation, pain and suffering. We believe that the rules of the game are changing so that we may now learn our soul lessons through unity, love and compassion.

At we show you how to stake your claim as one of the Beneficial Owners and claim your right, title and interest in the divine estate held in trust for you by One Global Estate Private Trust.

We understand that we are master creators of reality. That our present reality is the result of our collective choice to live in limited liability. We understand that 100% freedom means 100% accountability for our words, thoughts and deeds.  We focus our attention on the creation of a new and abundant world as well as preparing ourselves to live and grow successfully in our new creation.

At we offer you truth. We provide documentary evidence and trace the title to your divine inheritance through history to the present day. And we provide you the opportunity for positive interaction with other Beneficial Owners as we tackle the issue of creating a new reality for all of mankind.

As a member you gain access to Legal Registry where we offer you document preparation and publication as well Notary Presentments and Protests, Certifications and Authentications from the District of Columbia and the Department of State.

We assist you in the creation of a Declation of Status as Beneficial Owner, Proof of Identity document, Certificate of Redemption and much more.

At we offer you educational material, conference calls, a member’s forum and the opportunity to become party to and/or to take advantage of court cases we become involved with to protect and enforce our claim.

We offer you a great deal of value for an ounce of silver, or its equivalent! Come Join Us today! Stake your claim as one of the Beneficial Owners in Original Jurisdiction and assist in the co-creation of a new world of abundance and prosperity.


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