First Things First

From the beginning, please understand, as the creator of this site and author of much of the writings herein, I am but a cog in the Universal wheel of humanity that made it possible. I simply did my part. The information presented herein is the compilation and evolution of  the millions of man hours of research by thousands of selfless men and women dedicated to unraveling the illusion in which we live to bring about the rebirth of personal and spiritual sovereignty for all mankind.

I wish to thank all who steadfastly held tight to the belief that world peace, abundance and prosperity, was not a privilege, but like personal and spiritual sovereignty, they are our birthright; For all of those courageous men and women who understood that if we did not stand up and expose the illusion and corruption in our lifetime that our children and their children would be enslaved forever……… and chose to stand against the terrorist tactics of the Military Industrial Complex at their own peril and sacrifice. I also wish to thank all of the families of those dedicated souls who lived with the sacrifice, the pain and loss, for you too did your part and have been a motivating factor which moved us through the corruption and chaos. Because of all of our sacrifice(s) we stand today at the doorway of a great evolutionary leap for mankind.

Legal Registry The 3 ‘P’s

Legal-Registry LogoLegal Registry Public/ Private/ Petitions

Legal Registry is a private document repository and legal publications entity consisting of a public and a private side . The private side operates in original jurisdiction outside the world of commerce while the Public side, LEGAL REGISTRY LLC, operating under the watchful eye of a Notary Public, provides the necessary document certification and authentication services necessary for making proper Offers of Proof and Evidence into the commercial court system.

Legal Registry Petitions carries out Petitions under the watchful eye of a Notary Public. Results are served on the intended Recipient via Notarial Seal unlike any other Petition site.

One Global Estate Association

One Global Estate Association is a Private Contract Association considered by the IRS to be a ‘Disregarded Entity’ made inviolable by private contract. A private contract association is PRIVATE, operating outside of the world of commerce. What happens in the private stays in the private. The members of One Global Estate Association have claimed their status as Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction and come together here to raise awareness and work to bring about the shift from our present fiat currency to one of substance and value. One Global Estate Association members understand that such a conversion requires the discharge of debt and redemption and return of the property to source, We the American People.

AssociationMembership in One Global Estate Association has its privileges as well. Members have access to first hand, real time updates on the progress of individual cases as well as the progress of the whole via regular blogs, conference calls and webinars.

We understand that it is the unlawful conversion of our political status that has become the real issue at hand. Making the corrections concerning our political status is priority one. Several groups have developed their own documents and processes for re-establishing ones original political status as have we, which we make available free to members. We do not claim that our documents are any more effective than any others. In fact, after reviewing many document packages designed for this purpose they all seem quite acceptable. None is any better or worse than the others. It is the INTENT of the individual that we find important and a requirement for moving forward.

One Global Estate Association members receive reduced rates on products and services offered by any/all of our affiliate sites/ associations and entities as well as the added benefit of connecting with patriotic people and focusing our collective energies toward a common goal.

One Global Estate Trust

“In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God” ….A Contract, the Parties bound by the word.

God gave man dominion over all things; Dominion over NOT ownership of.

The Beneficial Owners of the divine estate are ‘tenants’ on the land with an obligation as ‘stewards’ to protect and preserve the estate. The Beneficial Owners owe fealty and homage to their liege lord for he granted them the divine right of use of the property as Beneficiaries in Original jurisdiction.

One Global Estate TrustThe property was delivered into Bailment as Jesus gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom to hold in trust. Jesus stated to Peter “Whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

The Holy Alliance 1213 is the legal title to the divine estate. As Keeper of the Seal of Saint Peter I am the current successor party to the private contract Treaty, The Holy Alliance. As such, I have acknowledged and accepted the Agreement perfecting the title to the kingdom and conveyed same to One Global Estate for administration. One Global Estate is a private contract entity in the nature of a trust.

One Global Estate is the holder-in-due course of the legal title, The Holy Alliance 1213, and is charged with the administration of the property under a feudal structure as established ‘in the Beginning.’ One Global Estate has a fiduciary duty to honor and facilitate the ‘Divine Right of Use’ granted to the Beneficial Owners as well as facilitate the fulfillment of their oath of fealty to their liege lord.

One Global Estate is a vassal of a vassal, owing fealty and homage to their liege-lord, the Beneficial Owners of the estate. One Global Estate has a fiduciary duty to administrate the estate to facilitate the fulfillment of the fealty owed by the Beneficial Owners to their liege lord.

One Global Estate is charged with a fiduciary duty to protect and preserve the estate under the 7th generation rule at all times conscious to ensure that our actions today have a positive effect on the estate we leave for the 7th generation.

Certificate of Beneficial Owner

For decades we have claimed the Birth Certificate as our property! We have filed UCC attachments against it with little to no effect. Have we been missing something?

The Certificate of Live Birth is prima facia evidence of the conveyance of your right, title and interest in the divine estate. It is a Certificate of Authority issued by the State. TWEA states that one must provide proof of ownership to the conveyed property immediately prior to the conveyance!

But the property was conveyed within days of your birth into this world. We must prove ownership of the property, our right, title and interest in the divine estate, in those first few days of our life here on earth.

As the present holder in due course of the Holy Alliance 1213, the legal title to the divine estate, the Chair of Saint Peter has an obligation to certify any person, so requesting, having a beneficial interest in the divine estate.

At One Global Estate we provide you a ‘Certificate of Beneficial Owner’ certifying your beneficial interest in the Holy Alliance 1213 and thus in the divine estate.

The Certificate of Beneficial Owner’ is absolute proof of your ownership in the right, title and interest in the divine estate immediately prior to its conveyance to the custodian on your behalf at birth.

Certificate of Authority

Is the Certificate of Live Birth your Certificate of Authority? And what authority does it represent?

TWEA states that the Certificate of Authority shall be accepted in every court within the United States for a full acquittal and discharge of the charges! It states that the President, or the Custodian, shall issue a Certificate of Authority upon the conveyance of one’s right, title and interest in any property whatsoever without limitation.

It also states that it shall be a full acquittal and discharge in any matter whatsoever in any court within the United States.

TWEA states that ‘No person shall be held liable in any court for or in respect to anything done or omitted in pursuance of any order, rule, or regulation made by the President under the authority of this chapter.’ Every rule, order and/or regulation today is issued under the authority of TWEA. The President, congress and the courts all gain their authority under TWEA today. And no person shall be held liable for anything done pursuant to any order, rule, or regulation.

TWEA states that ‘Any payment, conveyance, ….. of property made to the alien property custodian …… shall be a full acquittance and discharge for all purposes of the obligation of the person making the same to the extent of same.

Each of us conveyed our right, title and interest in the divine estate to the custodian at birth and in the exchange we received a Certificate of Authority which shall be a full acquittance and discharge for all matters whatsoever!

TWEA also states that ‘The sole relief and remedy of any person having any claim ….. shall be that provided by the terms of this chapter, ‘ and the terms of the chapter are clear that one must first file a Notice of Claim, containing specific content, with the Custodian before a remedy can  be made available to you.

The Certificate of Live Birth is prima facia evidence of the conveyance and your Certificate of Authority for obtaining a full acquittal and discharge! But, it seems that it must first be activated by the filing of a Notice of Claim.

At we walk you through the entire process of creation of the proper documents and filing the Notice of Claim at the proper place.