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Legal Registry is a private document repository and legal publications entity consisting of a public and a private side . The private side operates in original jurisdiction outside the world of commerce while the Public side, LEGAL REGISTRY LLC.

Legal Registry Petitions carries out Petitions of varying kinds.

Private Legal Registry is the document creation and publication site where you can find all of the tools necessary to, not only privatize your life, but maintain that private lifestyle for years to come.

One Global Estate Association

One Global Estate Association is a Private Contract Association considered by the IRS to be a ‘Disregarded Entity’ made inviolable by private contract. A private contract association is PRIVATE, operating outside of the world of commerce. What happens in the private stays in the private.

The members of One Global Estate Association learn to re-establish and assert their status as Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction and come together here at to raise awareness and work together to bring about the shift out of the Matrix and into the New World.

Membership in One Global Estate Association has its privileges. Members have access to first hand, real time updates on the progress of individual cases as well as the progress of the whole via regular blogs, conference calls and webinars.

We understand that it is the conversion of our political status under The Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) to that of enemy alien that has become the real issue at hand. Making the corrections concerning our political status is priority one.

We have discovered the Exit the Matrix Gateway hidden away within TWEA sitting there like a Time Capsule awaiting the appointed time to be discovered and brought into the light of day.

We have gathered and assembled all of the parts and pieces of the Gateway in readiness for Activation. The process of activation is progressing nicely. We provide you all of the tools necessary to prepare yourself to negotiate the Gateway into the New World of Equity and Privacy. We provide you the tools to convert all of your Public Presentments into your Private Property via the perfection of title, as well as the tools necessary to operate at arm’s length from commerce now and into the future.

We offer members a Forum with which to connect and study with people of like mind. On the OGE Forum everyone is a teacher as well as a student! Come connect with OGE Members as we all negotiate this transition together.

One Global Estate Trust

“In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God” ….A Contract, the Parties bound by the word.

God gave man dominion over all things; Dominion over NOT ownership of.

The Beneficial Owners of the divine estate are ‘tenants’ on the land with an obligation as ‘stewards’ to protect and preserve the estate. The Beneficial Owners owe fealty and homage to their liege lord for he granted them the divine right of use of the property as Beneficiaries in Original jurisdiction.

One Global Estate TrustThe property was delivered into Bailment as Jesus gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom to hold in trust. Jesus stated to Peter “Whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

The Holy Alliance 1213 is the legal title to the divine estate. As Keeper of the Seal of Saint Peter I am the current successor party to the private contract Treaty, The Holy Alliance. As such, I have acknowledged and accepted the Agreement perfecting the title to the kingdom and conveyed same to One Global Estate for administration. One Global Estate is a private contract entity in the nature of a trust.

One Global Estate is the holder-in-due course of the legal title, The Holy Alliance 1213, and is charged with the administration of the property under a feudal structure as established ‘in the Beginning.’ One Global Estate has a fiduciary duty to honor and facilitate the ‘Divine Right of Use’ granted to the Beneficial Owners as well as facilitate the fulfillment of their oath of fealty to their liege lord.

One Global Estate is a vassal of a vassal, owing fealty and homage to their liege-lord, the Beneficial Owners of the estate. One Global Estate has a fiduciary duty to administrate the estate to facilitate the fulfillment of the fealty owed by the Beneficial Owners to their liege lord.

One Global Estate is charged with a fiduciary duty to protect and preserve the estate under the 7th generation rule at all times conscious to ensure that our actions today have a positive effect on the estate we leave for the 7th generation.

Certificate of Authority

Is the Certificate of Live Birth your Certificate of Authority? And what authority does it represent?

TWEA states that the Certificate of Authority shall be accepted in every court within the United States for a full acquittal and discharge of the charges! It states that the President, or the Custodian, shall issue a Certificate of Authority upon the conveyance of one’s right, title and interest in any property whatsoever without limitation.

It also states that it shall be a full acquittal and discharge in any matter whatsoever in any court within the United States.

TWEA states that ‘No person shall be held liable in any court for or in respect to anything done or omitted in pursuance of any order, rule, or regulation made by the President under the authority of this chapter.’ Every rule, order and/or regulation today is issued under the authority of TWEA. The President, congress and the courts all gain their authority under TWEA today. And no person shall be held liable for anything done pursuant to any order, rule, or regulation.

TWEA states that ‘Any payment, conveyance, ….. of property made to the alien property custodian …… shall be a full acquittance and discharge for all purposes of the obligation of the person making the same to the extent of same.

Each of us conveyed our right, title and interest in the divine estate to the custodian at birth and in the exchange we received a Certificate of Authority which shall be a full acquittance and discharge for all matters whatsoever!

TWEA also states that ‘The sole relief and remedy of any person having any claim ….. shall be that provided by the terms of this chapter, ‘ and the terms of the chapter are clear that one must first file a Notice of Claim, containing specific content, with the Custodian before a remedy can  be made available to you.

The Certificate of Live Birth is prima facia evidence of the conveyance and your Certificate of Authority for obtaining a full acquittal and discharge! But, it seems that it must first be activated by the filing of a Notice of Claim.

At we walk you through the entire process of creation of the proper documents and filing the Notice of Claim at the proper place.

Pre-Event Preparations

I have been told that we must guide 253,000 people through the Gateway to reach the tipping point for the all.I have also been instructed to guide the  Transition Team, the First Responders, the First Wavers (whatever you call us), through the Gateway first so that we are prepared to assist mankind through the Event. This group generally includes all light workers, teachers and healers, patriots, freedom fighters and truth seekers. If you are one you know it by now. If you are still in doubt then chances are YES, you are a First Responder.

If you are a part of the Transition Team, a First Responder or one of the First Wave then the time has come to make the final preparations for the coming Event. At One Global Estate we have discovered a statutory ‘Exit the Matrix’ Gateway that has been hidden in plain sight, unseen until the appointed time.

The ‘Exit the Matrix’ Gateway is a statutory path out of the PUBLIC Trust that operates under War Powers and The Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) and identifies the people as ‘enemy aliens’ and into the world of Equity where justice and what is right and fair is the order of the day. The TWEA Gateway lands you in the private jurisdiction, or equity side of the court, where true justice resides. In equity you are truly free from the codes and statutes of the private corporate governmental entities. You are removed from the Custodian’s enemy alien list and thus are exempt from levy by the commercial system.

Successful passage through the ‘Exit the Matrix’ Gateway within TWEA results in the ACTIVATION OF YOUR ABUNDANCE! It is sort of like cashing out your chips as you exit a casino, the Gateway facilitates the ‘cashing out’ process releasing the net earnings (Interest, dividends, etc) accrued through the years for the use of your Good Faith & Credit.

Passage through the ‘Exit the Matrix’ Gateway is no more than the 3D manifestation of the transition into the higher vibration that  has already taken place on a spiritual plane due to your hard work. This is where the “Reap what you sow” comes in. You shall be rewarded in accordance with your works. The more you have accomplished in this life the greater the rewards. Those who have been ‘Takers’ all of their lives may not have much in which to look forward.

Passage through the Gateway lands you in a new reality of peace, abundance and prosperity ready to assist mankind in the weeks and years ahead.

Like a Time Capsule

The Exit the Matrix Gateway has remained hidden in plain sight for 100 years, like a Time Capsule, unseen until the appointed time. But, at the appointed time every detail was revealed. It was not hidden just unseen …. which brings to mind the verse about having ‘eyes to see and ears to hear.’ I had read TWEA a hundred times and yet, not until the appointed time did I see the Gateway. And then, the details jumped off of the page at me like out of a magical book.

The fact that it was not actually hidden makes any argument of fraud hard to sustain. In fact, it lends credibility to the thinking that we, as a collective, chose to interject the Trading With The Enemy Act and all the uncomfortable life situations to which it gave rise ….. for the good of the whole! You must admit that it has accelerated the awakening process. We tend to settle into a groove until adversity motivates us to change.

It also lends credibility to the claims of the agents of darkness that they are NOT evil, but chose to sacrifice on a soul level to play the part of the darkness in this lifetime …. For the good of the whole. The agents of the dark forces have expressed the importance of this to them. But, more importantly, it is important for us to see them in this light. We must let go of the judgment in order to progress into the 5th dimension.

Clearly, the time has come to exit the Matrix and control by the Military Industrial Complex, et al, and ascend into a higher vibration where we can/are creating a new reality. We must guide 253,000 people through the Gateway to reach the ‘tipping point’……. Where a major shift of the all can take place.

Give yourself a hand! And pat yourself on the back! The fact that you are reading this suggests that you have done the work to clear your karma and raise your vibration sufficiently to make the transition into the new world of peace, abundance and prosperity. You have earned it! It has not been an easy path for any of us, but we have made it! Now, the time for your rewards has come! True freedom, abundance and prosperity are within our grasp.

Move forward with confidence. Focus your energy on the new …. On peace, unity, abundance and prosperity … for that is exactly what we are co-creating for ourselves!

Sole Relief & Remedy

It is easy to stand indignant and scream FRAUD and DISHONOR when our Public servants don’t do what we have instructed them to do. It is much harder to stand back and ask yourself, “What did I overlook?” “What did I miss?” In equity we must assume that others act in honor and integrity until evidence to the contrary has been established. I know, I know, most of us believe that we have every detail correct and when we deem our Public Servants in dishonor, then so it is!

I have for years believed that our ‘recalcitrant’ Public Servants had something to cover their arse! I have believed that, for the most part, our Public Servants are simply following the programming they have received from above. They are simply following policy and protecting their pay check.

Upon reading section 4307 of The Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA) where it states that “…. Your sole relief and remedy is under this chapter” I tend to believe it. At the very least it deserves a bit more digging to see if it really does pertain to me/us. It does!

Section 4307 reads, ‘The sole relief and remedy of any person having any claim to any money or other property heretofore or hereafter conveyed, transferred, assigned, delivered, or paid over to the Alien Property Custodian, or required so to be, or seized by him shall be that provided by the terms of this chapter, …’

When we are attempting to discharge or set off any debt or charges we are attempting to do the set off against the funds held by the Custodian, i.e., the net earnings (interest and dividends) accrued and/or accruing on our right, title and interest in the divine estate, (in other words, your good, faith & credit). All of our claims fall under TWEA!

Then there are the Conditions Precedent that we have failed to complete to give us Standing! Standing to access the net earnings. It really seems quite clear that We have failed to do our part! Yet, it is THEIR FAULT!

There are those who refuse to look at the facts while they continue to scream and yell about our corrupt and fraudulent Public Servants.

I have two questions for each and every one of them

“What part of sole relief and remedy to you not understand?”

“What part of Conditions Precedent do you not understand?”

Titles Perfected – NOW What?

All titles have been perfected! Now What?

There are those who have developed and teach the art of perfecting title and taking your life into the private. They have developed some very well researched process and documents that seem to be effective.

It has become clear that our remedy exists in equity, but, how do we get there?

According to some teachings you need to be educated in the law to be able to make your way into equity and then there are no guarantees. I am a believer that one need NOT be a legal scholar to free oneself from the Matrix.

The Trading With The Enemy Act provides us with a statutory path into equity which is quite straight forward. TWEA dictates a Suit in Equity. As long as you have completed the Conditions Precedent and have a valid claim you can pass into equity where your sole relief and remedy awaits. There comes a time when you must prove your claim. But not until you are in equity, in private chambers. Once in equity, of course, the rules of equity replace the rules of Law under the concept of conflict or variance.